Friday, December 28, 2007

My First House

My husband and I are personally responsible for housing booms all over So. California. Every time we would move somewhere the housing prices would boom. So we finally make our way to the Victor Valley 17 years ago and we found our home. We lived in a few different houses since we've been here, but truly the Victor Valley is home and where we have raised our kids and have become part of the community.

We first moved up here because our daughter had allergies and was miserable in the LA basin. We came up over the hill and she cleared up and we knew then that this is where we were moving.

So we look around and we talk to lots of the new housing tracks and they all were $10,000 more than we felt like we could go for a house. So we started looking at the resale market.

We had the following ideas about where we wanted to live......

Near the freeway, my husband was commuting at the time.

The house needed to be light blue to match our picnic table,

and it needed a long hall for the family pictures.

We were out and about driving around and we ran into an open house one afternoon, it might have been because of an ad in the paper and we drive up to the house,

that is right off the freeway,

blue and white,

check and double check.

We go inside and meet the agent and do the tour of the house,

long hall way.

Check, check, check.

It was OUR house and we both knew it, I was jumping up and down in the hall way, hopefully out of sight of the agent saying, "I want it, I want it, I want it."

So we made our offer and the agent helped us get a loan.

They accepted it and we were on our way.

This all happened in Nov of 1991. My husband got his Christmas bonus in Dec, that was our down payment and New Year's Eve we moved in to our new home. We'll we didn't move in that day, but we slept in the house for the first time that night. We also made our first call to poison control. We were painting, the house was all closed up because it was winter. We had our 14 month old with us sleeping on the floor. Well to many paint fumes and not enough fresh air.
It really scared us more than did anything to her except to have her cough for a few minutes.
It's funny now but it wasn't then.

So we got our first house and had our second child there and made great friends with the neighbors. We still drive by it know and again. But I'd rather remember it the way it was rather than look at what the new people that live there now have done. It was a great first house and it left us with great memories.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

How they got their first home

Hey blog fans,
I though you might enjoy stories of people buying their first or second homes. Here is our first story from Steve Hackney of Learning RX.................enjoy.

I had been driving and looking. We like older houses with "Character". I found one that looked interesting and called the agent we had been talking to. He did everything but refuse to show it. He told me I wouldn't like it, it was too old, too many repairs, etc.

The agent and his agent wife drove up, (in matching Mercedes), and opened up for us. We walked into a house with multiple broken windows, holes from the roof all the way through the ceiling, backed up plumbing, trash from transient occupants, (squatters), nasty carpet, holes in the walls, multiple unorthodox room arrangements and construction projects.

I walked through the house, turned to the agent and said, "My wife will love it!" He thought I was nuts, and continued to try to talk me out of it.

I called my wife. She drove over, walked in, looked around, and said, "It's us!" The agent and his agent wife were now convinced that we were nuts, but we bought the house anyway. We have lived there for just over 15 years, and it is almost done.

Steve Hackney
Director, LearningRx Victor Valley
16192 Siskiyou #1
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Office: 760-242-9893
Direct: 760-403-4084

New Year's greetings

Hurray! Claudia in Victorville won the dinner for 2 to Mimi's. YUM!

She told me that she was going to be the winner.

Happy New Year to all the rest of you that gave it a shot.

Happy Home buying and have a GREAT 08!


Monday, December 24, 2007

This is IT!!!!!!!!!

Hello Blog Fans!

The first on to e-mail me @ and tells me thanks for dinner, wins a dinner for 2 at Mimi's.

I need your address to mail it to so please include that in your e-mail also.

If you didn't get a calender and would like one, you could also let me know that.
I have a few left.

Merry, merry Christmas. My wish for you is a meaningful holiday season, full of love and loved ones.

Hamilton Landon GMAC

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interest Rates and Holding Title

Greetings blogger fans and a most heartfelt wish that are enjoying this holiday season and looking forward to a great 08.

My Realtor e-newspapers this AM were stuffed full of great articles. I wanted to share a couple links with you.

If you are waiting for interest rates to drop before buying you may want to check this out.

Great now you've done it, you've signed your name countless times, read everyword of those 35 plus pages we've given you to sign to make an offer.

You've got the paper back with the acceptance line signed. Yahoo! You are heading to escrow. Then never mind the mountain of paper work you've generated for your lender. Now comes a stack of paper work from the title company. You may be filling them out, thinking like I did, I know I'm me, what's the big deal. But that's another blog. But in there is the how do you want to hold title question.

This is a link to an informative article about how to hold title.
Of course, it's a decision that has tax and estate issues attached to it so you need to make that decision with wise council. Talk to your tax and legal professional.

Would you like to share a thought with me?

Until we blog again,

Monday, December 3, 2007

Karen's Koupons

If you are interested in going to Learning RX, mention my name, Karen, to Mr. Hackney and he'll give you a discount on the testing.

When is the market going to turn?

This is an interesting article about the key factors to watch for in the housing market.