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12783 Perris St Oak Hills CA 92344

12783 Perris St, Oak Hills, CA 92344 (edit/delete)

Commuter friendly house, 2 plus acres, pool, near Oak Hills High, 3 bedrooms, plus a small bedroom off garage, not far off pavement. This home has a wonderful fireplace, lots of living area, large bedrooms. It just needs you. This is a short sale, we are talking to the bank and they seem to want to make it work.

If you would like to see this wonderful home or are interested in other houses in Hesperia CA call me!
Karen Sanchez
Broker Associate
Real Living Hamilton Landon
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8448 Milpas SOLD! (edit/delete)

A happy buyer and a happy seller makes for a VERY happy REALTOR!
8448 Milpas in Apple Valley, a house that sits on top of the world, well at least the valley has a new owner and is ready for new adventures. The new owner loves the sun room and watching the sun rises from the house in the morning.
It was the end to a happy day when Eric the new owner and Mary, the seller and I met at the house to officially pass the keys over and welcome Eric to his new home. In CA we do not, "table close". So many times the buyer and the seller never met. I'm not recommending every transaction work like this, but in this case the seller was there for all the inspections and was able to assist the buyer with and and all question that the buyer had.

The Key ExchangeThe key exchange

Flowers from the buyer for the seller.

Flowers for ME! Getting flowers from clients never gets old.

It was a joy to be apart of helping a seller move to a home that is more suitable to her current live style and help launch a buyer into the exciting world of home ownership. It is a privilege to serve people with their home buying and selling needs.
If I can help you buy a home or sell from Victor Valley home, please call me 760.684.0250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 760.684.0250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or e-mail me, check out my website
Karen Sanchez
Broker Associate
Real Living Hamilton Landon
CA DRE#01804752

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Market News Apple Valley CA 8/11/11

Hello Real Estate FANS!

Here is the news you can use regarding Real Estate in the Town of Apple Valley.

So far this month (as of 8/17/11) there have been 46 home sales.

The average sale price is $140,798.

The home averages 2039 sq ft.

It sold for $67.04 a sq ft.

The lowest price home is $36,500 and the highest price home sold for $395,000.

The average house was on the market for 62 days before it found new owners.

CASH is still out there folks. 20 of the homes sold for cash.

13 homes had conventional loans.

11 homes sold with FHA loans and

2 had VA loans.

22 homes were REOs or bank owned.

4 homes were short sales.\

Interestingly 41 of the homes sold had a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent.

If you have questions about homes in Apple Valley or other areas of the Victor Valley feel free to call me @ 760 684 0250 or e-mail at


Karen Sanchez

Broker Associate at Real Living Hamilton Landon

18888 US Hwy 18 Suite 101

Apple Valley CA 92307

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apple Valley View Homes!

Apple Valley View Homes! (edit/delete)

Looking for a massive view in the Town of Apple Valley CA?   
See below!

Apple Valley has the best of both worlds country living and city conveniences.

Concidering a move to the Town of Apple Valley?

Motto: "A Better Way of Life"

The Town of Apple Valley is located in the Victor Valley in the County of San Bernardino, at an elevation of 3,000 feet. . The Town has 78 square miles in its incorporated boundaries, and a sphere of influence encompassing 200 square miles.


Apple Valley experiences an average of 350 days of sunshine per year with winter temperatures dipping into the low 20s to high 70s, and summer temperatures ranging from the low 40s through 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Afternoonom 5-10 knots/hour from the south/southwest to the northeast.

Demographic Snapshot:

Currently, 70,754 (2010) residents make Apple Valley their home. The average household income is $63,770. he population of the entire Victor Valley region is now more than 313,000.
Apple Valley has 15 parks and facilities managed and operated by the Town of Apple Valley Park and Recreation department. Two golf courses (one 18-hole, one 27-hole) are located within Apple Valley, as well as extensive trails for walking, biking and horseback riding.

Apple Valley is proud of its 2 senior high schools, 3 K-8 academies, and 8 elementary schools. The public school system is managed and operated by the Apple Valley Unified School District. Apple Valley also has three private schools that offer distinguished award-winning private school curricula.

Points of Interest:

◦Apple Valley Airport, 21600 Corwin Road

◦Lewis Center for Academic Excellence, 20702 Thunderbird Road

◦San Bernardino County Desert/Mountain Educational Service Center, 17800 Highway 18

◦Sunset Hills Memorial Park, 24000 Waalew Road, Gravesite for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

◦Victor Valley Museum and Art Gallery, 11873 Apple Valley Road

◦Historic Apple Valley Inn, 20601 US HWY 18

◦Local multi-use trails for hiking, mountain biking & equestrian use

◦Apple Valley Country Club

◦Ashwood Golf Course at Solera Jess Ranch

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does Your House Stink?

Sometimes we have a listing that has some pet odors or we sell a listing that frankly STINKS! Other times we know that the family has allergies or other issues and they need really fresh air. I found someone to help.

Daniel at Health and Environmental Solutions has many products but the one in particular is his fresh air purifier. He can eliminate odors, mold, spores, it knocks out airborne particles, kills up to 99% of viruses and bacteria on your surfaces. The technology that his unit uses is used in the Pentagon and the 9/11 museum. You can call him for a free demo. Don't believe me, call him. His cell number is (760) 954-1719.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Sales News Apple Valley Ca March 2011

March 2011 Market Report for Home Sales in the Town of Apple Valley, CA

In March 2011, there are 103 home sales reported so far on

In March 2010, there were 115 homes sold as reported on

The average home sold was 1884 sq ft. it sold at $63.71 a sq ft. at 96.33% of asking price.

The highest price home sold at $343,000. The lowest at $20,400. The median price was $109,250.

27 homes sold at asking,

50 under asking and

26 over asking.

57 homes were REO or bank owned

that does not include

3 HUD homes and

1 home sold at auction.

There were 8 short sales.

26 standard sales

which did not include

7 flip houses.

1 home sold as a probate sale.

44 homes sold for cash.

32 had FHA loans

6 had VA loans.

20 had conventional loans

1 was private financing.

23 houses sold under $50 a sq ft., generally speaking this is a cash price and most won’t be able to qualify for a loan due to condition of the property. There was an exception in the bunch. But isn’t there always. But that was 1 in a hundred as the saying goes.

The average home was 1602 sold at 93.63% of asking price at $39.27 a sq ft.

The highest price home was $145,000. The low was $20,400 and the average was $55,780. These homes may need carpet or may be damaged by fire.

This report does not include homes sales reported on other MLS systems.

Thanks to the people that have been waiting patiently for my next report.

I had an auto accident and it took me a little while to get my mojo back.

My blogging did suffer. But I’m almost back to normal and trying to get caught up.

As always, Happy House Hunting from Karen Sanchez @ Real Living Hamilton Landon

CA DRE #01804752

Cell 760 684 0250

Friday, January 21, 2011

Home Sales News Apple Valley Ca 1/19/11

Apple Valley CA Homes Sales Report 1/19/11 (edit/delete)

The news about Homes for Sale in the Town of Apple Valley, CA

As of 1/19/11

44 homes were listed this last week for a total of 456 active listings.

9 were short sales, 17 bank owned.

46 homes are listed as contingent.

26 went pending for a total of 159.

15 homes sold

The average was 1798 sq ft and sold at 95% of asking at 61.44 a sq ft in 62 days.

The lowest price house sold for $17,500, this sold for land value only.

The highest price house sold for $210,000.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Sales News Apple Valley CA for the week ending 1/5/11

Home sales news for Apple Valley CA.

The week ending 1/5/11

Yes, to the question I get asked the most often.

Yes homes are selling.

There are currently 416 houses on the market.

41 homes came on the market this week.

45 homes went contingent.

22 houses went pending this week, there are 134 houses pending over all.

23 houses sold this last week.

The average house was 1954 sq ft. was on the market for 71 days, and sold for 97.18% of asking.

The lowest price house sold for $39,500 the highest price home sold for $425,000.

5 homes sold over asking, 15 sold under asking.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dec 2010 Market News, Apple Valley, Ca

In Dec. 2010, there were 117 houses listed in Apple Valley.

33 of the listing are short sales.

50 are bank owned/REO.

23 homes are contigent.

76 homes pending.

94 homes sold.

The lowest price home sold for $31,000. The highest price home sold for $450,000. The median price home is $121,750.

57 houses sold were REO/bank owned.

11 houses sold were short sales.

The average standard sale home sold @ $80.42 per sq ft. and sold @ 95.47% of asking price in 65 days.

The average short sale sold @ $75.72 per sq ft and 95.51% of asking price in 164 days.

The average REO sold at $57.31 per sq ft and 99.09 of asking in 57 days.

Just looking at the short sales, 1 sold FHA, 5 conventional and 5 cash.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Apple Valley Home Sales News Week Ending 11/17/10

Apple Valley, CA Market Report Week Ending 11/17/10

Here is the news you can use regarding the housing market.

There are currently 445 residential homes listed in Apple Valley.

Additionally there are

56 homes contingent. (That means they are waiting on further action from the seller or buyer. We can't put in pending until something agreed upon happens.)

There are 173 homes pending or in escrow.

The week of 11/11/10-11/17/10 had 22 homes sold.

7 went over asking, 4 at asking and 11 under asking.

Many listing noted multiple overs regardless of days on market.

The average home was 2085 sq ft. Sold at 73.16 a sq ft in 46 days for $155,223, which was $98.93 of asking price.

The lowest price home was $65K, it sold for cash.

The highest price home sold at $269,000. It sold with a conventional loan.

It's a great time to buy! Interest rates are great. Our affordabilityrate is very high. I was just looking at an article from 2006 talking about how hard is was to buy an affordable home. It was very "discouraging to new home buyers'. We as agents and home sellers look back on that as the good old days and when are things going to get back to housing prices then. Well folks we are never going to make everyone happy. Someone is always going to be out of the market. If it's your time to buy or sell, call me, lets get cracking. If you are waiting for the market to get back to the good old days. Hang on to my info and give me a call then, I'll still be here giving you these market reports.

One final thought, hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving. One of my kid's has an assignment to write down 5 things to be thankful for every day. If I had the same assignment, on my list today, I would be thankful to you for reading my blog.

Thanks to for the stats.

Karen Sanchez

Broker Associate

Hamilton Landon GMAC

Apple Valley, CA

760 684 0250

DRE# 01804752

Friday, November 12, 2010

Housing Sales Report for the Town of Apple Valley, CA Oct 2010

Housing Sales Report for the Town of Apple Valley, CA Oct 2010

87 houses sold in Oct in the Town of Apple Valley CA

97 were pending and 114 were active.

The average home sold was 1818 sq ft.

It sold for $66.51 per sq ft.

The lowest price home was $30K, the highest $295,000.

The average home sold for $123,705,

and was on the market for 69 days.

51 were bank owned

24 were standard sales

10 were short sales

2 sold at the auction (also bank owned)

34 sold OVER asking price

39 sold UNDER asking

14 sold AT asking price.

31 were cash sales, 5 cash overs were over asking price.

32 had FHA loans

19 had conventional loans

3 had VA loans

2 had private financing.

If you would like more information on homes in the Victor Valley, please call me.

Karen @ Hamilton Landon GMAC

760 684 0250

DRE # 01804752

8448 Milpas Dr, Apple Valley CA NEW PRICE!


8448 Milpas Dr in Apple Valley is now at the LOW LOW price of $189,000. This for over 3000 sq ft of living space including the enclosed patio.

2 masters, one up on down.


What a deal.

Call me!  Karen @ Hamilton Landon GMAC
DRE# 018904752

760 684 0250