Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The first koupon is ready!

Hi all,

My first Karen's Koupon is ready for you, just in time for all your fall flower needs.

It's $5.00 off an order of $25.00 or more.

It's good until Thanksgiving o7.

http://www.acflorist.com/ to view the web site , you have to go in or call to get the discount.
760-948-1718, the shop is on Main Street in Hesperia, North side of street, between 3rd and 5th. The military supply store is next door.

Thanks for checking out the blog and check back often, the dinner for 2 contest will be coming soon.

Happy Home Buying........

PS I'll be hosting an open house at my listing on Quinnualt on Halloween evening. So come on by, not tricks just treats.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why wait?

Hi Home Buyers,

So you've been reading the paper and watching the news and it looks ugly out there. It seems as though the sky is falling.

Is that the reality of the situation? I think not. We have an affordability index of 45%. So 45 % of our neighbors can afford to buy a home.

Our local communities have first time buyer programs It's a great time to be a first time buyer.
Home prices are down, so you have more choices of homes that will fit into the guidelines. So if you are paying the average amount of rent that a house rents for, you could be in your own home.

Oh my............what if I buy and the price of my house goes down?
Well, what do you have to gain in paying rent?
Are you getting a tax write off for making someone else's payment?
Do you have the satisfaction of home ownership when you send your rent check in?
Are you building lasting memories in a place you will moving out of next month?

OK, the price of your house goes down........ Are you planning on selling the house this next month? The price of the house only matters if someone is going to buy it. If you are planning on spending the next year or decade in your home it really doesn't matter till you sell if prices are going up or down.

Buying a home can be an investment, but the reality of it is, it is a place to live, have the holidays, entertain your family and friends, a place to live, love and laugh.

Happy Home BUYING,

Hamilton Landon GMAC
Apple Valley CA