Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stonebrook Estates

Stonebrooks Estates Apple Valley,CA (edit/delete)
Stonebook Estates is just north east of Bear Valley and Apple Valley Rd. It's a beautiful gated community. It has a club house, pool and tennis courts. It's one of Apple Valley's most upscale communities.

In the last 6 months 3 homes have sold there,

19175 Glenbrook Cir it is 3623 sq ft and it sold for $372,500

12917 Galewood St it is 4265 sq ft and it sold for $390,000

12932 Amador Cir it is 4697 sq ft and it sold for $488,900

There are 3 homes pending

13139 Trailwood it is 3212 sq ft, asking price $349,900

19275 Monerty it is 3212 sq ft asking price $375,000

12915 Amador it is 3783 sq ft asking price $445,900

1 home is listed

12969 Galewood it is 2665 sq ft, asking price $389,500.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lamp Exchange


SCE residential customers are invited to exchange their old lamps for new energy efficient lamps.

You can bring up to 10 lamps.

It's at the mall by the Old Gottschalks.

8AM-1PM on March 27 and 28th.

You can also drop off your old e-waste.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mobile Home report for the Victor Valley

Spotlight on Mobile Homes in Parks for the Victor Valley

There are currently 75 mobile homes in parks listed on www.VVMLS.com

There are 5 in escrow.

Sixteen have sold in the last six months.
5 in Apple Valley
3 in Hesperia
8 in Victorville.

The average sale price $26,230.
The highest sale $79,000.
The lowest sale $6000.

The average mobile sold was 1138 sq feet and was on the market for 221 days.
It sold for 91.40% of asking price.

Thanks to Liz for asking and the VVMLS.com for the info.

Hello Real Estate Fans!

Hello Real Estate Fans!

Here is the news you can use from Apple Valley, CA

As of 3/12/10

There are 291 active houses for sale.
73 homes are contingent
there are 210 homes in escrow,
35 went pending last week.
33 homes sold in the last week..

Average square foot of house is 2017

Average days on market 767

Average sale price $164K..

The % of sales price to list price 100.56.
The highest percent over asking was 117.14
The lowest was 91.25

14 sold over asking,
5 sold at asking.
11 sold under asking

19 were bank owned
7 were short sales

Lowest price home was sold for $20,250.00
Highest price home sold for $265,000.00

I’m adding pictures of the house for $20,250.
It has no roof.
We can follow it’s progress till it’s ready to go back on the market.

Thanks to VVMLS for the stats.

Happy House Hunting from Karen @ Hamilton Landon GMAC

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So You Want to Buy Your First House

Congratulations, you are ready to walk down the road that leads to home ownership.

How what?

You can look on line at house and start getting an idea of what appeals to you.
Our local MLS (Multiple Listing Service, i.e. the web site where the houses are) is WWW.VVMLS.COM . This is for the Victor Valley, in So. Calif.

You need to do 2 things,

1-Prepare financially to show that you can buy a house.
*You can gather bank statements showing you have the amount of money it takes to buy the house you are looking at.

*Find a good trust worthy lender
You must be prepared to let them run your credit and answer questions about your finances and back up your answers with bank statement, tax records and pay check stubs or other proofs of your finance.
The lender will give you a letter letting the seller know that you are qualified
buyer. The letter is known as a pre-qual.

HINT:If you don’t have a file with all your current information, start one now so you aren’t wondering where it is later.

2-Look for a real estate agent that will help you find the home of your dreams.
If you are in the Victor Valley looking, you can call me.
Honestly I’m not the agent for everyone; I’m not going to sell you a house.
I’ll help you find a home. I have a laid back style and am not pushy. I also talk a lot. I do call you back and I try to show up on time to our appointments and if I’m late, I call you. So you make prefer someone with more razzmatazz or more or less of something else. There are many agents out there. You will spend a lot of time with your agent. Find someone you like.

You now have your “pre-qual” in one hand and your agent in the other, time to go look at houses.

If you are working with me, we will have talked about what you want in a home and what area you want to live in. I put your criteria into the computer and you will start receiving e-mails with houses that match what you are looking for. Now we don’t have a button for ugly, so you get a lot of good and bad. But when you see one that makes you go, “Hummm, I’d like to look at that”, we talk about it and make sure it’s still OK to go see.

Happy House Hunting. Next we’ll take about making an offer.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Apple Valley News....2-26-10

Greetings from Sunny Apple Valley, really we are just between the rain storms. But we need the rain so we must be thankful.

So here is the news you can use, 2/19-2/26/10

Homes listed as active in Apple Valley 287

Contingent, (waiting for something, so they are a short sale or have paperwork out waiting to be signed.) 67

Pending this week 36

20 homes sold, 1 was a short sale, 13 were bank owned.

The house at the highest price this week was sold for $387K. 59 days on market, standard sale.

The house at the lowest price $40K, 2 days on market, Here is the scoop on that...

The average home sold was 1934 sq ft, average sale price was $109K. it sold for 96.78% of asking price. on the market for 42 days.

Thanks to the VVMLS for the stats, the pics also came from the website and are used per rule 11.5