Friday, February 29, 2008

Need a Realtor?

Hey blog fans, It's Karen.
Just in case you have a comment or you want to see a house.
Get in touch.
I'm at Hamilton Landon GMAC in Apple Valley,
working for the world's greatest broker Jason Landon.
You can always call me on my cell 760.684.0250
or drop me an e-mail to

Happy Home Buying!

Looking for a fixer?

Listing Summary
Listing #347050 $134,900 (LP)Price/SqFt: 79.92
21134 Rancherias Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92307 * Active (02/26/08) DOM/CDOM: 3/3
Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Sq Ft: 1688*
Lot Sz: 43527sqft*
Area: 27
Yr: 1987*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To my first time buyers

I thought about sending an e-mail out to my first time buyers, but hopefully you'll find my comments worth the post.

Young people, good for you, you are looking at right now as a a chance to buy a house.
You are going against the flow, the fear and the uncertainty of the generations that are older than you. CNN, MSMBC, etc all declare what a housing crisis we are in. The sky is falling.
But PLEASE look at what is going on and learn from this.

Many of the houses we look at are REO's, A.K.A. bank owned, so someone goofed somewhere in Some reasons people are in forecloser are;
* disability insurance.
*Divorce............I hope none of you are ever in that position.
*Child support issues.......make sure you have documented all your support payments.
*Poor advice from "friends"................all I have to say about that is friends don't let friends make bad loans.
*Re-financing your loan AND TAKING MONEY out for non-investment purposes, ie a trip, to pay off bills. you really want to pay for that trip for 30 years?
*Re-financing your house and paying a contractor upfront and your money and the contractor are gone.
*Buying too high and paying to much on your interest rate.......patience.
*Adjustable rate mortgages......if you can't afford it now, tell me how you can afford it next year?
*Not letting people know when you are in trouble till it is to late.
*The one that really gets me is walking away from your house to go buy another house.

Please don't do these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really don't want to be looking for someone wonderful to buy your house when it is an REO.
It's happened to a couple of my friends.

So when it starts happening and it will again after this cycle is over, my best advice to you is FEAR NOT!!!! Learn from this and put yourselves in a position of strength when it happens next time. That's the time to pick up a rental, but investment property, rent out your house and move up.

People that don't learn from history repeat it. This current crisis will hit again. The economy goes in cycles. Every cycle has it's positive points for real estate, sometimes it favors the buyer and sometimes the sellers. So put yourself in a place where you can take advantage of the current situation, like you are. At the moment you are looking to buy. Someday you'll be looking to sell.

Some of you are new friends but some of you are old friends, I seen you grow up and get married and now having babies. It is my honor and my privilege to be with you on the next part of your lives journey, that takes you into home ownership. I don't want to blab on and get all sentimental,(Your Mom's and I can get all mushy about it behind your backs once your in a house.) because that's off the point. Which is........... be a good student of what's happening now and you won't be suffering later.

Happy home buying,

Monday, February 4, 2008

Keep one eye on Washington too.....

You can't turn your backs people. This is info about 1031 exchanges and how Congress is trying to mess with them.

Please don't get so caught up in all this political action stuff that you forget to e-mail me and get your recipe book.

Happy House Hunting,


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Call to action

California Legislature

Anthony Adams


Dear Friends,

California faces a $14.5 billion budget deficit because the liberal politicians in Sacramento have spent too much for too long.

Instead of cutting wasteful spending in state government to pay down the deficit and balance the budget once and for all, there are those in Sacramento who want to punish every California homeowner by repealing the state home mortgage interest deduction!

They think that this important tax savings, relied upon by millions of Californians, is a “tax loophole” for the wealthy that must be closed.

What would repealing the home mortgage interest deduction mean for California homeowners?

It would increase a current homeowner’s state tax bills by hundreds of dollars or more every year.
It would make buying that first home much more difficult, if not impossible, for many young Californians struggling to scrape together enough money to buy their first home.
It would add one more burden to the many homeowners who have already lost substantial equity in their homes in the current market.

Some of these liberal Sacramento politicians have gone even further, suggesting repealing Proposition 13, which limits how much the state can increase property tax bills every year. Repealing or even amending Prop. 13 would be a disaster, leading to thousands of families losing their homes, millions of Californians seeing their home values drop further and billions of dollars in higher taxes. Enough is enough!
We need your help to stop the liberal politicians in Sacramento from following through with their threat to take away the mortgage interest deduction and impose a $5.3 billion tax increase on you and every other California homeowner!
Here’s what you can do to get involved and stop the mortgage deduction grab:

· Write or call Speaker Fabian Núñez today, and tell him to keep his hands off our mortgage interest deduction.
· Remind him that the mortgage interest deduction is not a loophole, but important tax savings that help millions afford their home.
· Urge him to cut wasteful spending in the budget, not raise taxes.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez
Phone: (916) 319-2046

I hope you will join with thousands of your fellow Californians today by writing or calling Speaker Núñez and tell him to stop the mortgage deduction grab. Standing together, I know that we can make a difference and protect our homes, protect the mortgage interest deduction, and reform California .

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Give Away

Hello Blog fans,

I have a limited number of Pampered Chef Recipe books to give away, so send me your name and address and I'll put one in the mail to you.

Pampered Chef is a fun way to furnish that kitchen with great gagets and essentials.

If you want to host a party and get free stuff from them, call my favorite Pampered Chef guy,
Josh @ 760-486-7919. Or just call him to get a catalog and more great recipe books.

Happy House Hunting.


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