Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mobile in a senior park

MLS #352723

$42,000 14411 Palmdale Rd #64 3beds 2 baths 1080

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's gone.............already.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

19222 Allegheny Apple Valley


Inside the house

This is a ranch style cutie that won't last long. Get it while it's HOT!

19222 Allegheny Apple Valley


front of the house

For all the info go to
find a property, put int the address.

Happy House Hunting!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Buying your first house.

So you want to buy a house?

First you go talk to a loan person, hopefully my pal Craig at Wells Fargo. His # is 760-265-3423. Then you find out what you qualify for and match that to how much you are comfortable in paying per month. Make sure you start rounding up everything the loan people need.

Then go look for your dream home. (This could take 1 day or 6 months.)

Next you make an offer and go through the back and forth till you strike a deal.
Fill out paper work.

After you have an accepted offer, get your home inspected. Something will always be wrong, be ready. Ask for repairs or not. NOW...... you can start getting attached. Fill out more paper work.

You'll meet back with the loan people, more paper work.

Sign disclosures all from the other side of the transaction, get the escrow instructions, now you have someone else to fill out paperwork for, that is your hopefully your good friend the escrow officer.

Then if you are a NORMAL first time buyer, you start writing letters. why this, why that, your thinking who cares, well the loan underwriters do.

Make double, triple, quadruple sure you are on top of all the paperwork chasing you are doing for the loan.

You will hear, we passed termite and septic or not. Deal with that, more paperwork if there is a problem.

WOW!!!!!!!! You are still here.

SO FINALLY someone calls and says, come in and sign docs. That's the huge stack of paperwork that has scary things in it, like how much you will pay if you make 30 years of loan payments. Four little letters that really mean sign 4 feet it seems of paperwork. Good news is your about done.

These could be some really long long days, are you packing yet, I hope so.

Time to do the final walk through.

Next you'll hear the loan funded. I'm sure you are thinking I should have mentioned keys at some point right.

Now are all the loan conditions met? Everything fixed? Everything signed? This is no time to be losing sleep, you are moving soon. Now in a day or more....

Get ready, get set...........the words you have been longing to hear.


THEN you get your keys! Congratulations! You are now a home owner.

Ps The good news is the second one is less painful.

This could be you!

Call me if you are interested, 760-684-0250