Friday, January 21, 2011

Home Sales News Apple Valley Ca 1/19/11

Apple Valley CA Homes Sales Report 1/19/11 (edit/delete)

The news about Homes for Sale in the Town of Apple Valley, CA

As of 1/19/11

44 homes were listed this last week for a total of 456 active listings.

9 were short sales, 17 bank owned.

46 homes are listed as contingent.

26 went pending for a total of 159.

15 homes sold

The average was 1798 sq ft and sold at 95% of asking at 61.44 a sq ft in 62 days.

The lowest price house sold for $17,500, this sold for land value only.

The highest price house sold for $210,000.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Sales News Apple Valley CA for the week ending 1/5/11

Home sales news for Apple Valley CA.

The week ending 1/5/11

Yes, to the question I get asked the most often.

Yes homes are selling.

There are currently 416 houses on the market.

41 homes came on the market this week.

45 homes went contingent.

22 houses went pending this week, there are 134 houses pending over all.

23 houses sold this last week.

The average house was 1954 sq ft. was on the market for 71 days, and sold for 97.18% of asking.

The lowest price house sold for $39,500 the highest price home sold for $425,000.

5 homes sold over asking, 15 sold under asking.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dec 2010 Market News, Apple Valley, Ca

In Dec. 2010, there were 117 houses listed in Apple Valley.

33 of the listing are short sales.

50 are bank owned/REO.

23 homes are contigent.

76 homes pending.

94 homes sold.

The lowest price home sold for $31,000. The highest price home sold for $450,000. The median price home is $121,750.

57 houses sold were REO/bank owned.

11 houses sold were short sales.

The average standard sale home sold @ $80.42 per sq ft. and sold @ 95.47% of asking price in 65 days.

The average short sale sold @ $75.72 per sq ft and 95.51% of asking price in 164 days.

The average REO sold at $57.31 per sq ft and 99.09 of asking in 57 days.

Just looking at the short sales, 1 sold FHA, 5 conventional and 5 cash.