Friday, January 18, 2008

Another first home story

Our first home was a brand new property in Redondo Beach. We moved from La Puente. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. We had one car, so I had to take my husband to work, which was about an hour away. The movers arrived a bit late, but we finally got everything out of our rental house and the move into our new two story house was well underway when I saw our two year old, by the fireplace with a coat hangar hanging out of her mouth. It wasn't just hanging there, it was attached. I probably heard her screaming before I saw her. Fortunately my mom had come to help. She stayed with the movers and I took my toddler to emergency at the hospital which was only 2 blocks away. She got mended and probably got a tetanus shot. Back to the house and the movers were still hauling boxes and furniture. Now it was time to pick up my husband. My mom, who did not like driving freeways or long distances had to go for him. Again, it was about an hour away. By the time they returned, the movers had left only a short time ago. My husband walked in and saw a huge stack of boxes in the dining room/ family room area, and made some comment about why was this mess still here. At this point I was exhausted emotionally and physically and started crying. He tried to calm me down and volunteered to go out and get some dinner to bring home. I said I was not hungry. Now he was really worried, because I do not skip meals. He went out and brought home split pea soup and something else. That soup tasted so good and revived me. The last time we had moved it was a much easier move, but I was 8 months pregnant that time. I decided if we only wanted two children that we had better not plan on moving again.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Housing Scams

Housing stories are in the paper all the time. Our local paper even ran an article with good news, sort of last week about the housing market.

But the article from USA today is interesting and it just reminds us to beware and if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

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